Community Assistance Fund

The Junior League of Texarkana appropriates monies to agencies and organizations in Miller and Bowie Counties and, in certain instances, agencies and organizations outside of such geographical area for specific needs without project involvement and when funds are not available through usual sources for these organizations. The maximum amount per allocation will be $1,000; however, up to $2,000 may be granted when approved by the JLT Board of Directors. Community Assistance Fund monies will be allocated as applications are received. Requests may be accepted every 12-month period if the agency meets the criteria each time. The same agency may apply more than once every 12 months if applying for different projects and/or clients each time.


  • Agency/organization must complete and submit the Community Assistance Fund Application.
  • Agency/organization must be a 501(c)(3) agency/organization or establish that the endeavor with respect to which the application is being made has a charitable purpose in the judgment of the Community Assistance Fund Committee.
  • Agency/organization may apply for funds either for a specific project or for the emergency needs of a client of that agency.
  • Funds are to be utilized in Miller and Bowie Counties, except that funds may be awarded for use outside of such area to support nationwide disaster relief programs and military support efforts.
  • Agency/organization requesting funds must have local representation.
  • Agency/organization must provide written statement of non-discriminatory policy.
  • Agency/organization must submit the Community Assistance Fund Evaluation to the Community Vice-President within 60 days of receipt of funding.
  • Maximum amount per allocation will $1000; however, up to $2,000 may be granted when approved by the Board of Directors.

The following will not be considered for funding:

  • Current League projects
  • Operating expenses; i.e. salaries, utilities, etc.
  • Scholarship and tuition; however, training seminars are acceptable
  • Sectarian, religious projects
  • Research projects
  • Political activities
  • Fundraisers

The Community Assistance Fund is available year round.


For questions please contact:

Shane Riddell
Community Vice President